Stack Of Stake Reviews - Staking Rewards

Stackofstake review
About StackOfStake

StackOfStake is a staking and masternode investment platform. It allows to invest in cryptocurrencies that are based on Proof-Of-Stake technology and receive passive income.


- full automation
- instant masternode join
- instant reward accrual
- instant withdrawal
- no deposit or withdrawal fee
- default auto-reinvest
- no minimum deposit / masternode join amount
- super-clean and intuitive interface
- referral program
- public and partner APIs
- mobile apps for Android and iOS
- inhouse cryptocurrency exchange (Express Trade)

The Lore of StackOfStake

StackOfStake was founded in March 2018 as an instant shared masternode service for SCRIV community. After the launch and several months of successful operation, the team decided to expand the variety of offered cryptocurrency projects presented at the service.

Nowadays, StackOfStake become a complex investment platform that includes staking pool, shared masternode pool, cryptocurrency exchanger, mobile apps, API and more.


Does StackOfStake have mobile applications?

Yes, mobile apps are available for Android 8.0+ and iOS 8.0+.

Do I need to do anything after deposit or purchase via Express Trade?

You don’t need to make any additional actions. Your coins will be automatically and instantly included in a staking/masternode pool. Just sit back and enjoy dividends!

Are my coins staking or included in masternode?

Your coins are included in the mutual pool. This pool is maintained by the algorithm called Smart Balancing. It finding the ratio of staking/masternode that produces the highest revenue for all cryptocurrencies at our platform.

How often do I receive dividends?

Dividends are distributed instantly after accrual by our staking nodes or masternodes. Dividend frequency depends on a cryptocurrency (sometimes dividends are produced every 10 min, and others can take a few weeks).

Are my dividends compounding?

Yes. All dividends are instantly compounded (auto-reinvested) with your balance. This allows us to provide the maximum yield.

How can I setup the highest level of protection for the account?

We are highly recommending to activate 2-factor-authentication (2FA) in account settings. You can use one of the following authentication methods: OTP (code) or U2F (hardware device).

How long do coins deposit take?

- Usually, a deposit takes 5-15 min.

How long do coins withdraw take?

- Usually, withdraw proceeds in 10-20 min.

Can I receive the reward for inviting friends to StackOfStake?

Yes, you can. Your friends should Sign Up to the platform using your referral link. You can earn up to 15% of the platform fee as the reward for referring new users.

Can I earn higher rewards from my existed investments at StackOfStake?

Yes, you can. You can earn more by holding SCRIV at the platform and participating in the Loyalty program.

How can I add my coin to StackOfStake?

Submit the listing form or email to [email protected]


- Deposit fee – 0%.

- Withdraw fee – 0% (+ small network fee).

Reward fees:

3DC – 8%
ABET – 8%
ALTM – 8%
XAP – 60%
AXE – 8%
BARE – 8%
BXC – 8%
XBI – 30%
COLX – 0%
DASHD – 8%
DLN – 25%
D – 8%
DIVI – 8%
DYN – 8%
ESBC – 5%
FYD – 35%
FBN – 40%
XGS – 8%
INN – 8%
KLKS – 8%
KYD – 15%
KUBO – 8%
LNO – 50%
MW – 8%
MIDAS – 8%
MONK – 40%
YCE – 8%
NAV – 8%
NEBL – 8%
PNY – 20%
POLIS – 0%
POT – 8%
QUAN – 15%
RPD – 8%
RDCT – 8%
RDD – 8%
REEX – 8%
SCH – 10%
SCRIV – 30%
SIERRA – 20%
SEND – 40%
SPE – 20%
SCC – 8%
SPD – 60%
TRC – 8%
TRND – 8%
VSX – 8%
VULC – 8%
XDNA – 8%
ZCR – 8%
ZDX – 8%

Platform security

Key features of the StackOfStake platform security

  1. Secure coded frontend and backend – we are using only the most secure programming languages and techniques;
  2. Servers protection – servers are strongly protected from any unauthorized access;
  3. Emergency service shutdown – for any suspicion of hacking, service will be automatically shuted down;
  4. Service personnel security awareness – all staff got a good knowledge of personal and corporate cyber-security;
  5. Security is paramount – collectively, we have decades of experience in dealing with cyber security. We will always invest heavily in ensuring we’re employing best-in-class security measures, including physical security as well as InfoSec practices;
  6. 99.99% uptime guaranteed – in order to generate the best returns, Masternodes must be highly available, have excellent connectivity, and scale hardware requirements over time. We do this automatically with established cloud providers and fail-safes;
  7. The essence of decentralisation – we devised this project for two reasons: to help support cryptocurrencies which legitimately stand to benefit the real-world, and to help community members (like us) get the most out of our long-term investments.

Individual user security

Withdraw email confirmation

-  The basic security feature at the platform. It’s enabled by default.

2-factor Authentification (2FA)

- There are multiple types. At SOS we are using OTP and U2F.

One Time Password (OTP)

Two-factor authentication works as an extra step in the process, a second security layer, that will reconfirm your identity. Its purpose is to make attackers’ life harder and reduce fraud risks.

Strengthen the security of your account by enabling 2-FA:

  1. Install Authenticator (iTunes, Google Play Store);
  2. Enable 2-FA below and scan the QR code using the authenticator app.

Please verify your phone number before enabling 2-FA.

How to setup OTP at StackOfStake?

- This section is under construction.

Universal 2-factor (U2F)

- This section is under construction.

Setup guides

Setup U2F with Ledger Nano S

- This section is under construction.

Setup U2F with Trezor Model T

- This section is under construction.


1. Navigate to the “Explore” tab (if you are making a new investment);

2. Choose the cryptocurrency you want to deposit (we are using SCRIV in this example);

3. Click “Deposit” – you will see your deposit address in a popping-up window;

4. Send coins to the deposit address (staking will be started automatically after a successful deposit);

5. Sit back and enjoy your stakes


1. Navigate to the “My portfolio” tab;

2. Choose the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw (we are using SCRIV in this example);

3. Input amount to withdraw ➡️ Check amount of coins you will receive ➡️ Input withdraw address ➡️ Click “Submit”;

4. Confirm withdraw with 2FA (if you have 2FA enabled);

5. Confirm withdraw with email: check your email inbox or spam and confirm the withdraw;

4. Yours withdraw usually proceeds within 5-15 min – check it’s status at “History” ➡️ “Transactions history” section of the dashboard.

How it works

Sign Up

Go to StackOfStake and fill up the form: enter your email, create a password, agree with Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, click “Start investing”.

Optionally, you can Sign Up with your existing Facebook, Discord, Twitter or Google account.

It’s recommended to use a mix of numbers, symbols, upper and lower-case letters while creating a password. The length of a password should be not less than 8 letters.

Activate account

You will receive an email to your inbox (also check the spam if you don’t see it in the inbox). Click “Activate now” to complete the Sign Up.

Secure account

StackOfStake is utilizing the mandatory email and optional 2-factor-authentification transaction confirmations to protect users’ accounts. It’s highly recommended to enable 2FA at our account.

Make an investment

Sign In your account and navigate to the “Explore” tab. Now you need to choose the cryptocurrency to invest in.

There are two options to get started: Express Trade to exchange your Bitcoin (BTC) for the chosen cryptocurrency or direct deposit. For this example, we are using direct deposit, so click “Deposit”.

Send your chosen cryptocurrency to the deposit address. Don’t send the amount below the minimum.

It can take 5-10 minutes for your deposit to show up on the platform dashboard.

Enjoy your passive income

You are beautiful! Your balance is starting to stake right after the deposit. You can just track your dividends at the “History” tab and observe portfolio performance at the “Performance” tab.