Staking coins online for free with Stakecube ( UPDATE )


Today i will be talking about StakeCube a proof of stake service, which allows you to deposit different type of PoS coins like Pivx, Reddcoin, Bitcoin Green, Navcoin, XPCoin, Beancash and many others. When you stake inside a pool you get faster and higher amount coins, this is why these staking pools exist. They also offer masternode services on their platform. They also have their own coin known as Stakecube ( SCC ) and holding it in the platform will give lower fees.

– There is also a Faucet inside the website that allows you to claim every 24h some of the coins that are being staked on the service.
– You don’t need to be logged in or have an external wallet to have your coins staking on the service, it will do that automatically, its AUTO-pilot money.
– There is voting system for the community allow new PoS / Masternodes to be adapted in the service

Some questions you may have before starting

How does the site make money? They dont do this for free?

- They have a 2% fee on all staking rewards. 1% goes to the free lottery and airdrops for all members.
- The 2% is also used for the transaction fees, so withdrawing is totally free.

How do you get the free coins to stake?

- Simply go to the faucet on the site, and click claim. You need to make a wallet on the site first for every coin.
- You dont have to download anything for that. Simply go to your dashboard, and click on the coins. Whenever you click on a coin they automatically make a wallet for you that you can use in the future.
- After that go back to the faucets and click on "claim".
When you claim they deposit the coins in your account and it will be staked directly, no effort required on your part.

How can I withdraw my free coins? And can I sell them for Bitcoin?

Yes you can do both! Make sure you are trading on the exchange they list in the coins information.
Go to the withdrawal page, pick the coin you want to withdraw and submit the form.

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