Earn Bitcoin & Altcoin Interest on these Platforms


High APR Interest on Bitcoin and Stablecoins

Sometimes just hodling your stablecoins and bitcoins in your wallet is not best course of action, for this reason you might want to look into platforms and exchanges that offer opportunity to get high APR interest on bitcoin and many other altcoins that these places offer in exchange literally nothing. Some of these listed site are about lending, some just lock and some are just there openly in your wallet which you can withdraw at any point – of course there is difference on how often the interest is paid (Weekly, Daily or Monthly for example). If you are looking for dividend based tokens and coins please check out earlier article i wrote as well.

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1 Binance
One of the more trusted exchanges in the crypto space offers different types of Interest packages that have max quotas (which open up every 24 hours, depending on coin/token). Funds can be redeemed at any point according to Binance. The Rates change are estimates and not actual guarantees, they may change drastically over time.
Interest Payouts: Daily (Technically)
KYC: Not fully needed
Minimum Deposit Amount: None for any of the coins apparently
Bitcoin Interest: ~0.21%
Altcoins: Binance Coin (~0.37%)
Stablecoins: BUSD (~1.5%) & Tether (~3.08%)
2 Celsius Network
Celsius Network is its own wallet that also allows people to make interest on several Altcoins and stablecoins in their platform. You can make a withdrawal at any point in time with Celsius. By holding Celsius Token (CEL) you will get higher rates in the platform, you can also choose to earn those earnings in Cel token with higher rate (to my understanding).
Interest Payouts: N/A
KYC: Yes
Minimum Deposit Amount: None
Bitcoin Interest: ~3.75%
Altcoins: Ethereum (3.4%), Ripple (3.0%), OmiseGO (3.55%), Bitcoin Cash (3.75%), 0x (4.35%), Bitcoin Gold (6.15%), Zcash (4.1%), Stellar (3.0%), Dash (6.25%), EOS (4.4%), Litecoin (3.51%) and Celsius Token (3%)
Stablecoins: Tether (8.2%), True Australian Dollar (5%), True Canadian Dollar (5%), True Hong Kong Dollar (5%), USD Coin (8.2%), Paxos (8.2%), Gemini Dollar (8.2%), DAI (5.85%) and TrueUSD (8.2%)
3 Stakecube
Stakecube is a staking/shared masternode platform, which has now started to offer interest rates for couple of coins in their platform. Also cool thing about their platform in the future is that you will get dividend on peoples interest deposits in the service as well. Currently the site is going still some overhauls and more features are being added to it. Being Stakecubecoin masternode holder will grant you interest bonuses among other things on the platform.
Interest Payouts: Daily
KYC: None
Minimum Deposit Amount: Bitcoin (0.0005), Dash (0.050), Dogecoin (1000) and Litecoin (0.050)
Bitcoin Interest: ~7.572%
Altcoins: Dash (7.52%), Litecoin (7.52%), Doge (7.52%) and Digibyte (Soon supported)
Stablecoins: None
4 Bitfinex
Technically Bitfinex is not giving out interest rates, but as a loaning service you will get % bonus on the loaned amount depending on rate you choose on their platform. Meaning you can make decent extra income by lending to many people on the platform. Loaning feature seems to be quite risk free and seems to support all coins listed on their platform.
Interest Payouts: Depends
KYC: Yes
Minimum Deposit Amount: N/A
Bitcoin Interest: None
Altcoins: Many
Stablecoins: Many
5 KuCoin
KuCoin is another exchange that is currently giving out interest for people who are loaning their funds to the service. The lending is tiered into 3 stages 7 days, 14 days or 28 days and these all give out different interest rates for each coin. This is however marketplace based lending so some risks are included.
Interest Payouts: Depends
KYC: Yes/no
Minimum Deposit Amount: varies per coin
Bitcoin Interest: None
Altcoins: ETH, EOS, LTC & XRP
Stablecoins: USDT
6 Bitrue
Another exchange that is offering different type of locking plans to gather interest on different coins and tokens. Some limits apply on each plan they offer for the coins, such as maximum deposits and maximum total rewards, i recommend reading details before investing.
Interest Payouts: 30 Day lock up period for most coins
KYC: Not needed apparently
Minimum Deposit Amount: Varies per coin
Bitcoin Interest: 10.2%
Altcoins: VET (10.2%), XRP (10.2%), BTR (15%), NPXS (5.3%), WAN (5.3%), ETH (10.3%), ADA (5.3%), TRX (5.3%) & HOT (5.3%)
Stablecoins: USDT & TUSD (13%)
7 YouHodler
YouHodler is a loaning website that requires KYC to fully operate all features in the service. There is also a demo mode that you can utilize to get the hang of the service better.
Interest Payouts: N/A
KYC: Needed for loans
Minimum Deposit Amount: N/A
Bitcoin Interest: 4.8%
Altcoins: BNB (3%)
Stablecoins: 12% (TETHER, USDC, PAX & TUSD)
8 Nexo
Nexo is relatively new loaning platform that has recently opened up a feature allowing people to generate interest in stablecoins on a daily basis. Based on your deposit amount you will get a credit line that allows you to also borrow funds from the account. (One important benefit of Nexo is that the money is insured meaning if hack occurs, they are legally able to still pay your money)
Interest Payouts: Daily
KYC: Yes
Minimum Deposit Amount: None
Bitcoin Interest: Not available yet (Coming soon…)
Altcoins: None
Stablecoins: DAI (8%), Tether (8%), TrueUSD (8%), USDC (8%) and PAX (8%)
9 Upholds
Upholds Cred system functions differently from rest of the listed platforms in the sense that you will be getting rewards in Fiat instead of crypto. I have to say the fees on this platform are quite high when swapping crypto to fiat one or withdrawing fees themselves.
Interest Payouts: 3 or 6 Months
KYC: Yes
Minimum Deposit Amount: N/A
Bitcoin Interest: 10% in Fiat rate
Altcoins: 10% for Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP and fiat currencies
Stablecoins: None
10 Compound
Compound is a Decentralized investing dapp that allows you to invest certain ERC20 tokens and Ethereum in exchange % interest in totally decentralized way. The numbers fluctuate below, so those are stated as i was writing this article. This site also allows you to borrow tokens as well based on the collateral you have.
Interest Payouts: Realtime (by blocks)
Minimum Deposit Amount: None
Bitcoin Interest: Wrapped BTC (3,36%)
Altcoins: ETH (0,02%), BAT (0,35%) & REP (0,01%) & ZRX (0,22%)
Stablecoins: DAI/SAI (5,88%) & USDC (4,37%)
11 Fulcrum
Fulcrum is another decentralized finance (DEFI) tool that allows people to connect to the service with popular tools like metamask and start lending tokens in order to get some interest for those coins/tokens. Rates may change since its decentralized service, so numbers below may not be accurate
Interest Payouts: N/A
Minimum Deposit Amount: None
Bitcoin Interest: Wrapped BTC (1,54%)
Altcoins: ETH (0,04%), LINK (2,57%) & Augur (0,00%), KNC (0,48%) & ZRX (0,17%)
Stablecoins: DAI (6,57%), SAI (3,28%), SUSD (1,16%) & USDC (4,36%)
12 NUO Network
NUO Network is another decentralized finance dapp that allows you to lend majority of stablecoins and other popular demand coins in their platform. The platform seems to work mostly on a smart contract and to my understand there is no centralized part to this system, but it does require smart contract activation once triggered first time.
Interest Payouts: N/A (seems daily)
Minimum Deposit Amount: None
Bitcoin Interest: Wrapped BTC (0,7%)
Altcoins: ETH (0,4%), LINK (0,0%), Augur (0,4%), KNC (0,3%), BAT (0,1%), MKR (0,7%) & ZRX (1,5%)
Stablecoins: DAI (1,2%), SAI (2,7%), SUSD (17,6%), USDC (2,7%) & TUSD (3,1%)