Get Money From Unused Internet Bandwidth


If you are looking to gather some passive income from your PC you might want to take dive into transferring unused bandwidth via services that pay you Money and crypto. In this list we are going to look into some of these services and their payout rates. To get approximate how much you can earn, run a speedtest and then count from the upload speed a possible rate.
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1 HoneyGain
First i want to talk about one of the most popular places to sell your internet speed at and that is HoneyGain, you may have seen people share their referral links. Its relatively easy to use application that you install to your phone or desktop PC, from my task manager i see it actually
Payout rate: 0,01$ per 10MB
Referral System: 5$ per sign-up and 10% of all friends generated MB
Operating Devices: PC, Windows & MAC (Max 3 Devices)
Payment Method & Thresholds: PayPal (20$)
Payment Waiting Period: Up to 7 days from request
2 Fluidstack
Fluidstack is bit more service specific that allows you to put certain settings in place. There are certain uptime requirements for this service so if you are running it only specific times, it may not be a good option for you. I recommend reading more into their website for further info about their specific terms and settings.
Payout rate: $10 per 100MB/s
Referral System: 5$ per referred person who uses the app for a week
Operating Devices: Windows
Payment Method & Thresholds: PayPal (5$)
Payment Waiting Period: Payments are done monthly (last day of each month)
3 PacketStream
Next up we have another good alternative called PacketStream, which offers lot lower threshold for payment compared to Honeygain. It seems that the payout rate is slightly smaller though, i will update the numbers once ive run it longer on my computer to get more reasonable data.
Payout rate: ~0,01$ per 15MB
Referral System: 20% of all friends generated bandwidth
Operating Devices: Windows
Payment Method & Thresholds: PayPal (5$)
Payment Waiting Period: N/A
4 Privatix
Our first crypto option is a Ethereum token called Privatix. It functions bit differently however since its more like a decentralized marketplace where you find customers and then go into a smart contract. The learning curve and installation are bit of a hassle i’m going to say.
Payout rate: Based on market
Referral System: None
Operating Devices: Windows
Payment Method & Thresholds: Realtime (I think)
Payment Waiting Period: =/=
5 Aloha Tokens
Our 2nd crypto option is a Stellar Lumens (XLM) based token called Aloha. It’s an app designed to to serve as wi-fi hotspot to many locations and places around the world giving the option for travellers to access hotspots with ease and hassle free. You can exchange the tokens into Fiat, Ethereum & bitcoin or just sell Aloha Tokens at soon to be revealed exchanges.
Payout rate: Based on market
Referral System: Not yet
Operating Devices: Android & IOS (Soon)
Payment Method & Thresholds: Realtime
Payment Waiting Period: None