iThemes Sales Accelerator 1.2.0 - Cracked SEO Tools FREE Download !

iThemes Sales Accelerator PRO transforms your WordPress dashboard with dynamic reports so you can get detailed data and e-commerce insights about your WooCommerce store.

All the Most Important Stats About Your Store in One Place!

See how your WooCommerce store is performing in a new way with advanced analytics, charts and graphs. iThemes Sales Accelerator Reports are organized into customizable sections, including Overview, Fast Facts, Charts & Tables with multiple report options. Your Sales Accelerator report can be tailored to the stats and metrics that matter most to you and your store.

- Total Sales
- Total Customers
- Products Available
- Products Out of Stock
- Best Country
- Total Coupons
- Refunds
- Best Category
- Shipping Method
- Top Countries
- Best Customers
- Customers vs. Guests...!"

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