Make Easy Money with Clickbooth CPC Ads

Hi Guys!

I was researching some adsense alternatives recently to make easy money through blog monetization and to find out if there was a good and established publisher network that would pay as high as Google Adsense. I digged into all posts and articles of bloggers and webmasters including numerous searches on all search engines for available or recently launched options. But, whatever names I came across were already familiar to me and I was not pretty interested because they did not pay as high as Adsense, since Google is the market leader in sponsored search ads now. Still, I continued my search to find out the second best.

To my surprise, I came across Clickbooth announcing the launch of it's CPC ad platform for publishers. We all know how giant Clickbooth is in the CPA market. It is one of the undisputed leaders of CPA network with a huge high profile list of advertisers who pay a ransom to all CPA affiliates for bringing each sale. In fact, becoming a CPA affiliate with Clickbooth is an achievement because not all publisher websites or blogs are accepted into their network to serve their exclusive ads. Your blog or website must be very popular with thousands of pageviews daily.

Now, when I heard about their CPC ads, I was pretty excited because those same high profile Clickbooth advertisers would now be paying a good value for each click on their ads. We all know that generating clicks is a lot easier than making sales.

For a moment, it seemed to me like I've discovered a treasure to make easy money by serving Clickbooth CPC ads. But, currently they are accepting publishers by invite only. Being optimistic, I've applied to their CPC publisher program and just hoping that I might get through, though I am pretty sure that I do not meet their traffic requirement.

But, I am not losing hope. It's been a while now and I am still hoping...

My suggestion to all you guys would be to give it a try and let's see if anyone of us gets lucky, then we'll be able to find out how much Clickbooth CPC ads actually pay.

Keep making easy money with my blog and it's discoveries.

Happy money making!