Tweet and Earn Money with Twitter


This one is another alternative, if you want to make easy money with your Twitter account. RevTwt is another legitimate website, offering twitterers to make money from home. Based on three money making models - pay per view, pay per click and pay per sale. Needless to say, pay per view depends upon your number of followers, and remains the main attraction to make money. Pay per click and pay per sale operate as their name defines.

RevTwt pays you through Paypal at the end of each month. There are 100's of campaigns in their members' area. If you wish, you can tweet all those campaigns daily. So, if you make even $1 from one campaign, then at the end of the day, you'll make $100 from these 100's of pay per click campaigns. But remember, this will annoy your followers, and they might unfollow you, considering that you only tweet sponsored campaigns and products. In my opinion, tweet less but tweet something of your interest and your follower's interest. You'll retain your followers and generate more clicks as well.

It would be smart to tweet a campaign that pays you $100 for a single tweet, rather than sending 100 tweets for $1 each. This way your tweet won't be annoying to your followers. These campaigns have 24 hour restrictions and would be available to you again next day. RevTwt also has a feature of "Auto Tweet" where its system will automatically tweet sponsored campaigns throughout the day from your Twitter account without your manual intervention. Just activate and tell them the number of sponsored tweets you want them to tweet about each day. This way you don't need to sit in front of your computer everyday sending sponsored tweets at regular time interval.

The bottomline to all money making schemes off Twitter, is that you must have a good number of followers. At least in 5 digits. This will ensure you make good amount of money daily with just 1 or 2 sponsored tweets without annoying your followers.

To make money keep tweeting!