Make Money with Sponsored Tweets


If you have enough Twitter followers, then you'll have plenty of options to make easy money. Advertisers would come running for you. There would be many alternative options for you to make money. One such company is Sponsored Tweets from IZEA. Yes, the same renowned company that is also behind Payperpost, SocialSpark, etc. and which has helped bloggers like us, make money online since a decade.

Sponsored Tweets was finally launched last month. Here you can sign up for free, and then, whenever an advertiser selects you to tweet about their campaign, they'll email you, and you just need to login and follow the instructions. Once you tweet, money is immediately credited to your account. No waiting!

Below is the kind of money people are charging to Sponsored Tweet, and yes they are getting an average of 10 campaigns to tweet about every month. I found their charges from the advertiser zone, and is subject to change from time to time depending upon their will.
  • John Chow (famous web blogger) : 48000 followers - $117
  • ShoeMoney (famous web blogger) : 78000 followers - $430
Bloggers like you and me are charging from $10 starting price. Before we reach those number of followers like our web gurus, we'll have to stay happy with these charges. And yes, reaching those numbers is not difficult at all. It's only a matter of time, because today millions of people are on Twitter, and it won't be difficult to get a few thousands of followers.

You have a chance to earn easy money with Twitter, only if you work upon maximizing your follower base. The money is not only easy to make, rather it is astronomical... and huge money.

So keep tweeting to make money!