AdEngage is now Technorati Media Engage


Hi all!

Well, if you have been following my blog posts regularly then you might remember my post on "High Paying AdEngage Ads". To refresh your memory, let me remind you that Adengage was a site I discovered, that delivered phenomenal amount of revenue for your ad inventory within your blog or website. You could sell flat rate text ad space on your blog or website on a weekly basis for as high as $200 to $300. This really sounds music to my ears.....

Now this post is just to update you all that AdEngage is now officially acquired by Technorati, the blog search engine giant. All features remain the same. Additionally, now it comes packed with the trust we have on Technorati. The website is known as Technorati Media Engage.

The payment is done on Net 30 basis to all publishers. The minimum payment threshold is $20, which is really a pity amount since the ads are sold at phenomenal rates. Payment is done through check, paypal or wire transfer. There are huge number of advertisers under Technorati's belt. The only thing you should keep in mind before applying for a publisher account, that your blog or website gets a good amount of traffic each day and has a really good Alexa score.

Go Engage yourself...