When to put Advertising on your Blog?


If you are greedy about money then blogging shouldn’t be your choice. Yes! I have to say that because blogging will not make you a rich person overnight. It needs lots of experience and effort to make your blog popular in the world.

Everyone knows that money can be made by blogging but you should have ample amount of visitors and not only visitors but potential visitors! If you are thinking of making serious money from blogging then you have to take decision of putting advertising on your blog. Advertising ads on blog is an effective method to make money online and you should know when to put ads on your blog.

What is the best time to put advertising on your blog?

According to me, you should have at least 150+ unique visitors per day to put advertising on blog. To get that much visitors is very easy. If your content is good and unique then you will get visitors for sure. Keep adding new content to blog and you will get more visitors.

Well, it also depends on the niche of your blog. For example, if your blog is related to technology, make money online, health, celebs etc. then you’ll get good visitors and will also keep visiting but if your blog is a personal blog or any other general blog then it will be little bit difficult to get visitors and also to maintain same number of visitors regularly.

Why 150 unique visitors per day?

I said that 150 visitors per day but this is also very less number. Many different niches require much more visitors so that they can start advertising on their blog. When you get that much visitors, you can start advertising slowly on your blog.

Many visitors just come to get knowledge on your blog and will close the window after reading content or getting what they want. This type of visitors are always more in numbers i.e. around 85-90% and this percentage totally depends on the content of your blog so it can vary time to time. So remaining will just try to find what else they can get from your blog. Your blog should have strong and interactive content so that large number of visitor will surf through more content and will also come back to see what is new on blog. Even from these remaining visitors there will be extremely less percentage of visitor who will be interested in your advertisement and clicking on your ads.

Don’t be a greedy person and much excited or else you will not get anything. People who are visiting your blog will think that you are just blogging to make money from it and refuse to come again on your blog. So don’t do blogging just for the sake of money.