Know Nothing about Forex? Still make Money from it


Before I start writing this post, I would like to tell others that I don’t know any thing about the Forex trading. Still I would tell you how to make money off it.

I am sure most of you must have heard about eToro and how many people have made huge money with them trading forex. But I am not going to ask anybody to trade in forex. I am a webmaster and I prefer to remain like that. And, I am making some good money with eToro’s affiliate program.

So how can you make money with eToro without trading in Forex?

eToro has a great referral program where they pay you $100 per paid signup or 25% of the revenue earned by them (and they earn huge revenue). If you like you can just contact them to select you for $2 per free signup program. They also have the 2nd tier program where they pay you the 20% of the earnings of webmasters you refer. This ads up quite fast.

Why is it different from other affiliate programs?

These days many people are making huge money with forex. Everyday many more people are learning the art of forex trading. It is the hot niche and the keyword these days. The conversion is very easy.

Why the lead conversion is very easy?

Because eToro provides free practice account which is exactly same as real account but the money is not real. People see that how easy it is to make money in forex. They see the money being made daily, so the just convert into paid member and start earning the real money.

So, I am making money in forex, but not by trading forex but making use of all the buzz around forex and referring people to it. The banners they have are also quite tempting and attract very high CTR. The best part is that this program is actually for people AROUND THE WORLD. Not just one country.