Earn More with Intelligent Ad Placements


Your visitors are everything. Heart and soul of your online income. Right? Unfortunately, visitors don’t read all of our pages. They don’t read every word. They skip a lot, and scan for highlights. Visitors ignore almost everything. This means that some areas of the page are seen more than others, meaning that some places are better for advertisements than others. This will teach you easy ways to make money.

1. Middle Ads

Advertisements in the middle means outrageous amounts of extra clicks, and extra earnings. You can multiply your advertisement earnings by simply targeting the traffic in the middle, directly under your article titles. It works. It’s the best place for a single ad block.

2. Left Sidebar Ads

Incredibly, the biggest bloggers in the industry usually have a sidebar on the right with their advertisements, instead of on the left. The left converts more…way more. Money is literally being left at the table. This isn’t just about ads. Subscriptions, navigation links… an incredible amount of extra traffic and earning is simply being forgotten because of the lack of fifteen minutes of preparation.

In 15 minutes, you could double your advertiser earnings.