CPA offers that Convert like Crazy

Can you run affiliate programs on your website? Can they convert? Well, mostly the answer is NO. The reason behind this is that, when a person is visiting such websites, he or she is not at all in a buying mood. He is just sort of having free time, which he/she is enjoying online.

But, there are few affiliate programs which is actually targeted for these type of people. They don’t ask people to buy anything. They promise to give people something free. Which people in such mindset like to opt for.

So what are such offers?

There are many offers like this being run by affiliate networks. For example NeverBlueAds offers many such offers. Here are few examples:

  • Nike or Adidas - $500 Shopping Gift Card Free
  • Free $500 Gap Gift Card
  • Consumer Gift Cards - $250 in Marshalls Gift Cards Free
  • $500 Gas Card Free

What these program need is that the user submit their email address or ZIP code into the form. There is only one field in that form. So these offers are quite easy to convert and they convert on almost all types of sites. The main reason behind it is that they offer something as “free” which people surfing such sites would love in that mindset.

These offers are called “Zip Code Offers” or “Email Only Offers.” They mostly pay around $1.20 per email entered or ZIP code entered.

So go ahead and run these offers on your such websites and see how they perform. I am sure you will make easy money to your Adsense ads, as these offers are very easy to convert. Please note that these offers are not good for website which don’t have much of US traffic. They are mostly good for US traffic only.