Buy or Sell Links with TNX

If you are not aware of TNX, then let me give you some idea about it. TNX is a unique type of link buying and selling network where advertisers can buy links based on PR/sites/niches. It is very good for publishers where they can sell links on their websites irrespective of their PR. Links on even PR0 sites can be sold.

The main advantage of the system for webmasters is that they are able to sell links on every page of their websites, instead of just the main page - it could be up to 10 times more profitable than selling sitewide links. Webmaster can even choose their advertisers themselves, placing only links that are relevant to every page of their sites.

The main advantage for advertisers is the price of links (it is very reasonable!) and the ability to promote hundreds of keywords with just few clicks. The other advantages are written on the homepage of

They also offer a free tool for advertisers to make paid links look natural for Google (Link Generator) – and some simple tips which help our advertisers to rank #1 in Google for highly competitive keywords.