Blog or Website? Make your CHOICE to earn online


Many starters who are planning to earn money online, think on where should they start? Whether they should create a blog or should go for a regular website. Both of these types have their own pros and cons. But what is the biggest difference in them?

In my opinion, there are two major differences.

First, its easier to get traffic to a blog as compared to a regular websites. This is due to the pinging facility of the blog softwares (like Wordpress) which pings various search engines and other ‘blog post accumulator’ websites. This brings “some” traffic to your blog even if you don’t have a single back-link pointing to it. This facility is not there in the case of a website. You need to have back-links to your site so that search engines can find you and rank you appropriately.

The second difference is that that you can always take that long break from your work in case of the website, as it may not need that much regular updates. But in the case of a blog, you have to update it regularly. If you take that sort of long breaks (I am telling you from my experience, ha ha ha!) from your blog, people are going to get angry. Not only that, the traffic from search engines also drops, since search engines expect new posts from the blogs once a while.

So what is the best choice for you as a starter?

You decide.................