Sell Ad space on your blog directly with this widget


If you are tired of giving away a large portion of money generated from your Ad inventory to sites like Text Link Ads, Performancing Ads, Backlinks, Adengage, etc. where the split ranges from 50/50 to 50/70. So, you end up making only half the money the Advertiser pays to place his Ad on your blog or website.

And, if you are looking to sell your Ad space directly to Advertisers without losing much money, then this is your bet. With Linkshowoff, you can sign up as a publisher and place a simple widget as shown above.

The advantages of Linkshowoff widget:

• The widget makes the links into “nofollow”, so you don’t lose your Pagerank.

• All blogs including blogspot blogs are accepted.

• Linkshowoff only takes away a fixed $3 as its commission. Whether you earn $10 or $100, you only pay $3 to Linkshowoff as a commission.

• Payment is made thorugh Paypal

• Payment threshold is just $10

• Linkshowoff has a large advertiser database, so you can get ads directly from their advertisers.

• You can also sell ads directly to your blog visitors, through this widget.

Feel tempted.......................?