Paid to Write Articles


We discussed almost several paid to write article sites over a past few months. Well, here's another one. Hub Pages is a pretty respected site which shares revenue with all such freeleance writers, who earn through their articles. The share is 60/40 split between Hub Pages and the writer respectively. The article would earn you a regular and steady income throughout your life.

You don't even need to create fresh content for Hub Pages. if you already have a blog or website, then you can simply copy-paste the content in your article. This saves time and you make money out of your existing and laid off content. It works like any other revenue sharing site.

Google Adsense codes are integrated in your article and then the revenue generated is split between the two of you. The best part is, it offers you the flexibility to integrate more tools like your affiliate ID of different programs that you are promoting as a member, like eBay affiliate ID's, etc., so you can actually maximize your earnings through affiliate sales. Hub Pages is highly ranked on search engines, so your article will get huge traffic and the possibility of a sale is maximum.

Create your Hub.............!