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If you believed that pen is mightier than sword and are always on the hunt for online writing jobs, whether big or small, then this is your take. You won't make any big amount though, yet this can make you enough during your spare time to pay your bills. One of my ways to make money. is a sort of revenue sharing site that offers its writers, a share of the revenue, from each article they write for the site. The writer gets a 50% share of the revenue earned. The rest is managed by the site to pay the voters and affiliates. For example, if your article earns $40, then the writer gets a whopping $20. Not bad............... ehhhhhh!

Each article receives a "Goodness rating", determined by the number of votes it receives from its readers. A combination of "goodness rating" and the number of views received by the article in 24 hours determines the article's worth and the amount of money the writer earns.

The paymrnt is made at the end of each month through check, with a minimum threshold amount of $25. So far, I was reluctant to write about this site due to its low earning potential, but then the promising reviews across all weblogs forced me to write this post.

Hope this post serves some purpose........... to some of us!