Get Paid to Chat


Enough flirting around in chatrooms.......... We all know the reason why we enter chatrooms!? Primarily to chat with opposite sex for friendship, love, flirting or reasons best known to oneself.................(you know what I mean!.......ha........ha.........ha)

At times, when we are sad and want to share our sorrows, then also we enter chatrooms just to ease our nerves.

But, today I would reveal a better reason to chat. Yes! chat to make some money online. Chit-chatters who are like never ending talkative machines, have a great prospect of income awaiting here at a site called Jyve.
It works on an IM platform, where people like you and me get paid to chat online. You are paid to give your useful advice and consultation to other online chatters. In other words, it can also be termed as a paid to answer site.

To earn with Jyve is very easy...
  • Simply register with their site
  • Enter into their chatrooms
  • Join a discussion
  • When a question is asked, give a partial reply
  • When the questioner gets interested in your reply and wishes to chat with you in private through Skype or online IM, you earn money.

Just tell the rate you would like to charge, during sign up process, from which 20% is kept by Jyve as setup fee. Honestly, the income through this source remains unpredictable, as you can judge it yourself.

Yet.................keep chatting!