A Short Commercial on Phone Earns you Money

Oh my God!

I wonder, what else is left in this online world to explore in the coming days! Websites are coming up each day with unexpected revenue generating ideas meant for we people. Truly, world wide web is ever expanding. Again, one of the easiest ways to make money.

Brring is a website which offers you to make money to receive any calls and every calls on your telephone number. When you register for the Brring service for free, you get a Brring phone number, a substitution to your own telephone no. through which you want to make money. Now, distribute this no. to your friends, family members, colleagues and all.

Now, everytime someone calls you, a short commercial announcement is played which the caller hears, before they get connected to you. Thats it! Money is in your account. Isn't that sooooooooooo simple. You earn more, if you are the one who receives hundreds of calls each day. They also have a revenue sharing program to maximize your earnings. I've heard people advertising their phone numbers, so that they receive more calls and hence, make more money. I won't discuss the unethical ways, as I don't support them. Trust me, Brring has earned great reviews in the blogging world. So check it out.

Trrrrrrrrrring........Trrrrrrrrring............Money rings!