How to submit blogger blog sitemap to Google


If you thought that submitting sitemaps to search engines is of no use, then better change your mind. Let me tell you what sitemaps are and how they can help you get massive traffic from search engines like Google.

The sitemap helps Google bot to crawl and index every pages of your site and tells you if there are any problems while indexing. It also tells you how many pages are actually indexed and what people searched in the search engine to visit your site.

While you know that it can take from 2 days to 2 months for a search engine like Google to index your site or blog, now this is where the sitemap comes into action. If your sitemap is submitted to the Google, then your site is crawled every hour and any new content or posts are immediately indexed. Imagine getting traffic to your latest post immediately after creating it. I've seen posts of my fellow bloggers getting crawled and indexed within 2 mins of creating it. This is awesome! Huge organic traffic follows thereafter, if you have a great content in your post.

While submitting sitemaps of a website is pretty easy to submit to Google, but how blogger/blogspot blog sitemaps are submitted to Google is unknown to most of the newbies.
Follow the below steps to submit your blogger-blogspot blog sitemap to Google.

  • First go to Google Webmaster tools and sign up (or sign in if you have a Gmail account)
  • After you login, you'll see the below screen asking you to add a site. Add your blog URL here without http or www.

  • Next, it asks you to verify your site, to confirm whether you are its owner or not. Click on the "verify your site" link

  • Then follow the next step

  • There are two ways to verify your ownership, but for blogger users there is only one way : to add a metatag

  • Copy the metatag. Now Sign in to your blogger account and click the Layout button>Edit html and paste the metatag just after the head tag and save the changes.

  • Now go back to Google Webmaster tools and click the "verify" button. There will be a confirmation message saying that you've succesfully verified.

  • Now you have to submit a sitemap for Google to crawl your site. Go back to the Google Webmaster Dashboard(Home) and click the Add link which is next to your blog name and in the sitemaps column. You'll see this.

  • Choose "Add general sitemap" from the drop down menu and type rss.xml or atom.xml next to your blog address as shown below

  • Then click the "Add general web sitemap" button.

  • Congrats! Your sitemap is succesfully submitted to Google. Check 2-3 days later and you'll see detailed stats of your blog, i.e., indexed pages, any errors, etc, when you login to Google Webmaster Tools.

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