How to submit blogger blog sitemap to Yahoo


This post will tell you how to submit sitemap of your blogger-blogspot blog to the next big gun of search engine industry, Yahoo. Google and Yahoo are the two major search engine giants that can deliver maximum organic traffic to your online business, only if you use hard known tips and tricks of SEO (search engine optimization). Traffic from these two are like lifeblood to your online business existence and can never be denied.

The benefits of submitting a sitemap to Yahoo are pretty similar to what I described in my previous post "How to submit blogger blog sitemap to Google". Read it out to have a clear picture of the advantages and benefits.

Submitting sitemap to Yahoo is pretty easy. You just need a Yahoo ID to login.

  • Type your blog URL as shown in the below screenshot. Replace "yourblogurl" with the original url of your blog and Click on "Add My Site"

  • After adding your site, you need to verify you ownership

  • There are two ways to verify your ownership. One is to upload a file in the root directory of the website, which is not possible with a blogger blog.
  • Second option is to add a metatag, which is the only way we can verify the ownership of a blogger blog. First, copy the metatag that is displayed to you, as shown in the screenshot below

  • Then "Sign in" to your Blogger account>Layout>Edit HTML and paste the metatag just below the head tag, as shown in the sreenshot below, and Save the changes.

  • Next, you will get a message saying "Your site is pending authentication"
Never remove the metatag, they revalidate your ownership by checking your ownership at regular intervals of time.

  • Next, go back to Site Explorer Home, and check the box next to your blog URL and click on the Manage button.

  • Type "rss.xml" or "atom.xml" in the box provided. It enables Yahoo to discover more of your site content via your rss or atom feeds, so that it can index your pages quickly whenever your blog is updated.
  • Next, click on the Add Feed button

  • Thats it! Congrats! You have successfully submitted your blog sitemap to Yahoo. Login after a couple of days to check your blog stats, i.e., indexed pages, any errors, traffic delivered, etc.

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