How to Maximize Paid to Write Earnings


In all my previous posts on "paid to write", I primarily explained the sites, how they work and how one can earn money online from them. Hope, you liked those sites called Hub Pages, Constant Content, Xomba, etc. Now this post is the best of them all. This post will reveal how you can make all these paid to write sites and more, to work for you and help you make 10 times off a single article.

The idea is very simple, yet works wonders for me and will surely do the same for you. Write a fresh 200 to 500 words article in Wordpad in your PC. Then, simply copy and paste the article on all such paid to write sites mentioned below. Now what happens is, your single article brings revenue from all these paid to write sites at the same time. Write one article a day at least. So, you would have 30 articles at the end of the month, bringing you revenue from 10 different sites at the same time.

If you calculate-------- for one article, one site earns you even if just $1, then on 10 sites it would earn you around $10. So, 30 articles on 10 sites???

Paid to Write sites: Hub Pages, Helium, Xomba, Article codex, GZYN, Article Trader, OOCUZ, Squidoo