How to Disable right click on blogs


Do you want to prevent theft of your information like text or images on your blogs or websites? Then, I'll tell you how. Sometimes, it feels annoying to see your work being stolen and used somewhere else on web. Some feel insulted, while others think it as unprofessional. Whatever! It happens all across the web.

Well, if you simply want to stop others from stealing your blog posts, and want to disable right click, then you'll thank me for that. I'll provide you with a simple javascript code that can be inserted into your html editor of websites or blogs, and you're done. No right clicks, no copy paste stealing and your work becomes copyrighted.

How to insert code to your blogger/blogspot blog to disable right click:
  • Login to your blogger account
  • Next, go to Layout
  • Click on Add a Gadget/Page element on your sidebar menu

  • Paste the below javascript code

  • Save the changes. You're done! Now right click is disabled on your blog.

Now if you right click on your blog, a message would pop-up saying "function disabled". Well, if you want to say something else, just replace the text "function disabled" in the above javascript, in the field (var message=) with whatever you feel like, For example: Sorry... my work is coprighted.

Leave your comments if you have doubts!