Earn More from GPTR Programs


GPTR stands for Get Paid To Read program. These are email programs, where you register with your email ID for free. Once you are a member, they send you email adverts with a link to click upon. Click on that link, visit the site, stay on that site for 10-30 seconds and you are credited the money that link provided. Well, we all know this........(so stop boring me.......heh!) But, there's a different way to make money online.

But what you don't know is............ you won't make enough money by clicking such links which would offer only few cents. It may take even one year to cash out with such programs. Eventually, if we calculate, we spend huge on electricity and internet bills for 1 year clicking on such links and, when we cash out, it's a meagre $10 after 1 year. Is it worth..............???

Money, of course, lies with GPTR.........but with a different approach. money lies with referrals. After joining a GPTR program, make your first dollar with them and cash out. With that money, buy some referrals from them. This has two benefits. Firstly, you get money from them, which proves that they are legitimate. Next, you don't require out-of-pocket money to buy referrals. Of course, initially you don't make money, but later on these referrals will make you money. Apparently, you won't need to click anymore, just sit back and make money. Invest a portion of your earnings to buy more referrals regularly, to make more money. With this trick, some people are making $500 - $1000 through referral clickings, with sites that offer just few cents per click.

Take this approach............. I assure you , you would make huge money!