Sell Links at Text Link Brokers


Once again a post dedicated to selling text link ads, off your blog or website. Text Link Brokers, though not famous enough online, yet I found it pretty interesting. They offer pretty similar to any other ad serving site. Though, I haven't joined it yet, still I believe that one can make a generous amount each month selling link ads through them. I guess, they have pretty big banner advertisers in their their joining process hints enough about this. Seems another legitimate ways to make money.

Since, Alexa rank is again a deciding factor here, so I am waiting for my blog's decent ranking, until I give them a try. It's better to wait, rather than getting your site rejected for not fullfilling their minimum requirements. You'll be paid once you accumulate $100 by selling links. So, work on your site's Alexa rank to get paid better.

After you register, you are given an access to their Parter's console. It's like your member's area where you can keep a track of your links and new offers from advertisers and your earnings. Once you submit your site, it gets reviewed manually and after acceptance, it reaches their sales staff to show it to their advertising clients for displaying links on your site.
Much hard work?!? So what........................but it pays rite!

Happy money - making!