Rate it All


Well, this one I believe, is a real revolutionary idea. People behind such sites shall receive an applause for their creative ideas. This is a kind of different money making opportunity.

Rate it All, is a site where you can share your opinions, thoughts and feelings with people across the globe. The idea is very simple. You select a topic and create a list of items under that topic. Now, others in the community will rate it numerically as per their thoughts.

Consider this example......... You create a topic, on latest song tracks of the week and list them as  1 to 10. Now everytime a visitor checks your topic, he would rate it between 1 to 10. 1 being at the top and 10 being the bottom. Whenever, your topic gets a visitor, advertising revenue is generated which is shared between Rate it All and you.

Money isn't big here, I guess, but the stuff you do here is fun and addictive. Yet, it would create a regular and steady income in the long run.

So start rating stuffs.............!