Mystery Shopping - Fun while you Earn


If you still don't know what mystery shopping is all about............ then let me tell you, its a fun way to make money online. Large business houses have spent a lot in each city of a country, to setup shopping malls, theatres, exclusive showrooms, etc. Now, these companies are hiring common people like you and me, whose identities are kept secret, from different localities in almost every city, to give them reviews of their experiences at their shops.

Consider this example..... You are asked, as a mystery shopper, to visit your nearby apparel store as a normal customer and make a purchase within a specicified time limit of .....say one week!

Come back home, get online and submit your buying experience at their outlet. Questions like, how the staff treated you? how much time your purchase took? etc. are asked.

On submitting the review, within one month you get the money back, that you used to purchase apparel at their store, and you also get to keep that apparel for free. There are regular and several assignments like this every month. So mystery shoppers watch movies, do shopping and get back their money next month. So, it turns out to be free. Its like having FUN for FREE.

To consider yourself as a mystery shopper, check out sites like GFK Mystery Shopping, MSPA, Grass Roots and Secret Shopper.

Happy shopping.............!