High Paying AdEngage Ads


If you've been selling text link ads off your website, then you must be knowing how important it is to make the most of your available ad space. Well, AdEngage is not just another text link ad site.............!

It is known to display very high paying ads for blogs and sites, if it ranks really well and gets a decent amount of traffic each month. Ads are sold on weekly and CPC basis. However, weekly basis rockssssssss.
People there, are selling their ad space for a single text link ad, for as much as $20 - $200 per week. Now that's a whopping amount!

Another great feature, they have added up recently are photo ads. A small piece of photo is attached beside the text link ads. Such ads bring more clicks, since they quickly attract a viewer's attention. Simply register, give your website details and statistics, tell your price, and sit back. They'll match you with an advertiser. Put their ads and collect your money. Isn't that great......!

Here too, your site's Alexa rank is given utmost importance. After all, they pay you a great amount for the great traffic you've generated for your blog over the years.

Try it out!