Easy $150 income per month


This is related to something, only if you have a blog or website. Well, if you said Yes! Then you can easily make $150 per month by selling ad inventory through a site called Matched. Currently, it is in beta version, so all you webmasters and bloggers, who fail to get entry to other niche ad serving sites, this is your bet. One of the easiest ways to make money online.

Matched is accepting sites, irrespective of their Alexa rank or Goole PR. Though, the payout won't be that lucrative, after all something is better than nothing. The age of your blog or site also doesn't matter.

Matched is a U.K based firm, accepting publishers and advertisers across the globe. You can make $30 per month by adding their advertiser's ad banners on 5 pages of your website. You are allowed to do this on 5 of your websites.

The steps are simple. Register with the site as a publisher. Add your website and 5 of it's subpages, it can be any and need not be high traffic pages. Similarly, you can add 5 more websites. All of them would be auto accepted. You'll then be matched with the advertisers automatically. Select the adverts, copy the HTML code and paste it on your site. They offer $6 per link per month. You can only show 1 link on 1 page.
In total, you can display 5 links on 5 pages of your website. Each link being $6 dollar value, you make 6*5*5 = $150 per month.

Easy..........................isn't it!