Paid to Search


We all do what we are best at..... Search........Search.............and search everyday. It could be for anything. Legitimate online money making opportunities, work at home jobs, PC softwares, wallpapers, and more. In fact, our searches help those search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn to make money. But they never share their revenue with their users. Well, Scour does! Scour offers ways to make money and is now paying people to search web. Search results won't be compromised upon. The results are fetched from the big 3 - Google, Yahoo & Msn.

Scour calculates your earnings in points which you can redeem later on. The points can be exchanged for Visa gift cards with denominations ranging from $25 to $100. You can also refer friends and grab 25% of their earning.

Honestly speaking, I haven't joined the program. So, whether they are legitimate and pay on time or not, remains a question for me. However, I've read from my fellow bloggers that there is a cash out option in the control panel of the member's area. If they pay, I'll update it in one of my future posts. Until then, you can check out the site. However, the look of the site is very promising and professional.

Keep searching.............!