Make Money from Ebooks


You must have come across a lot of sites online, who sell ebooks on a variety of topics, from instant riches to daily guides, etc. Ebooks are nothing but an online version (digital) of a print book. When you buy such books, no physical shipment of the book takes place. You are given a link from where you can download the book to your PC. The book is usually in PDF format, a universal format to read text and graphics online.

Thats all for introduction! Lets talk on how to earn money online. You don't need a professional qualification to write an ebook. Simply write a 10-20 page document and convert it into an ebook (pdf) with softwares like Primo Pdf, which can be downloaded for free from software sites. Remember, the subject of your ebook must be scintillating enough, that should compel the readers to buy it. Ask yourself about your ebook... Would you buy this ebook? If you won't, then others also won't. A subject like "make money at home", "earn $1000 per week", etc. sells like wildfire nowadays.

Then, simply put your ebook for sale on sites like Clickbank, Booklocker, Digibuy, etc. They, will advertise your ebook through their affiliates, and whenever there is a sale, they will deduct their commission from your sale price. In my opinion, people take a wrong route to earn online.
Instead, of earning affiliate commissions, become a seller. Sell your own digital products like ebook and make more money.

Think about it!