Make Money Both Ways

Review Me

Hey all!

Today I would reveal, how to make money in a dual way. I hope, most of you know about this website called Review Me. Well, if you don't, then let me just brief you out with this. It is a paid blogging site, where advertisers post their opportunities, and bloggers like us take up those opportunities by writing a post on our blog about their website.

In simple words, they pay you to write posts about their products on your blog. To know more about paid blogging and other similar sites, check my label "Paid Blogging".

Now lets discuss the root point of this post. How to earn both ways?

First, join Pepper Jam Network. To know what is Pepper Jam Network, check my earlier post "Affiliate Marketing Sucks... But PepperJam Network Rocks". After reading that, come back to this post.

Now that you know what is PJN, it becomes easy for you to understand. Review Me is an advertiser with PJN and is offering an irresistable offer to its affiliates. For every new Blogger who signs up with Review Me, which is Free, and whose blog gets approved to write paid posts for them (not so difficult), PJN is giving away a hefty commision of $25 to its affiliates.

Now, bringing new bloggers to Review Me is not at all difficult. Every blogger wants to earn through paid posts and signing up is absolutely Free. Don't you think $25 for a lead like this, is worth enough. Trust me people are making $1000's through PJN.

So, this is how I make money both ways.
  • Firstly, I promote the PJN banner of Review Me, as shown above. So, whoever joins through the above banner, I get $25.
  • Secondly, being a member of Review Me, I write paid posts for them, which leverages my income each month.
My Tip:
  1. Firstly, join Review Me and write paid posts for them.
  2. Secondly, promote Review Me through PJN and earn commisions.
So, same company makes you money in two ways.

All the best!