Affiliate Marketing Sucks... But PepperJamNetwork Rocks

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Hey all!

I am pretty excited today to write about this online revolution. Yes, it's called Pepperjam Network. If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you know that I am NEVER fond of Affiliate marketing. Because I like to work for myself and not for others. I don't like selling other people's products. But, Pepper Jam has something to offer, which is indeed irresistable. It even pulled a guy like me into Affiliate marketing and indulge into such ways to make money.

After doing all the research work on Pepperjam netwok, screening all other fellow bloggers, I have decided to jump into this bandwagon of profits.

Let me tell you what Pepperjam is offering and what makes it different. Firstly, Sign Up is easy and FREE. A large number of big advertisers are already under its belt. Big advertisers............Huge Commisions....... blah...blah.....blah......
Ehhhhhh......! So what's

Yeah! The money lies with this Company, but in a different way. And people across the globe are making money with it. I am revealing this today, only in my blog.
Since, Pepperjam Network is a new kid in this field, it needs recognition. So, instead of promoting other affiliate products through PJN, start promoting PJN itself. Yes, money lies in promoting PJN itself.

This is how:
PJN is giving away a hefty $7 to its member for bringing in every new affiliate/member. Yes! Since, sign up is Free, huge number of sign ups happen everyday. The new Affiliate who signs up through the specialised banner as shown above, gets a $10 Sign Up bonus, while the existing member gets a hefty $7 commision for bringing the new affiliate. And PJN gets a new affiliate. So its a win-win situation for all.
To make you even happier, PJN pays you twice each month (on 1st and 15th of each month) through check or Paypal, so you are never too late to get your earnings.

So, if you join PJN through the banner shown above, you get a $10 Sign up bonus while I get $7 for sending a new affiliate to PJN. Trust me, as per my research, other bloggers are making $1000's every month through this program, by sending new affiliates. If you are not joining, then you are losing your share of the online revenue being generated.

Happy Money-Making!