Is HTmail good enough?


The question hovers my mind, since I came across this site called HTmail. There's no question about its legitimacy, since many online users are recommending it as genuine GPTR program to make money. What pulls me back is the income potential. No different from others, it pays in cents, but I don't understand why I am not getting "this one's good" feel. After going through the site, I think "Is it worth my time"?

Let me share it with all of you. Hopefully, you all can help me make up my mind with your comments. They pay a good $0.10 (10 cents) for every email ad you click and $0.02 for each of your referral click. As of now, the payment is pretty good. What I don't like comes up next. Payment is made every 3 months. Now, who on Earth would like to wait for 3 long months after they have earned the minimum payout. Sounds absolutely disheartening!

They send payment through check or Paypal. The minimum payment through check is $25 while it is $15 through Paypal. It works completely on opt-in email strategy.

I am skeptical to join it or not. However, you all can check it out whether it's really worth to the online community.

Do comment!