Solve Simple Tasks - Get Paid


Got a few mouse clicks for a good cause??? Of course, we all are here to make some money, nevertheless, a part of our income can be donated too. Its all upon an individual's wish.

Floxter is a site, I believe is inspired by Amazon Mechanical Turk. To know more about Amazon Mechanical Turk, check out my earlier post on it. However, let me tell you in short. Quite similar to Amazon's concept, Floxter pays you to solve simple online tasks. For example, a task could be as simple as categorizing an ad based on what the ad tries to sell. The options would be given to you. Another example is judging a photo whether it would qualify as a picture postcard or not. Aren't the tasks simple enough?!? They are fun, and above all they fill your pocket with some quick cash.

Now that's not all! You can also donate a part of your Floxter income for charity. A number of charity organisations like World Vision, Greenpeace, UNO, etc are associated with Floxter. Now don't be so mean and donate some money dear! Remember, a penny donated would come back to you in ten-folds. Lastly, it remains your wish to donate or not.

Simply register, search for available online tasks for members, solve them in a minute or two and pocket some quick cash. Its that simple! Payment is made via Paypal and you can request a payment anytime. Now that's some good news for me. Their members are ever increasing with huge monthly donations. The site is growing with leaps and bounds. So just get into it before its too late.

Happy money-making!