Live Help & Counselling gets u $$$


Do you know people across the globe provide life coaching, i.e., counselling in different subjects of life and earn a lucrative part-time income. Internet provides a stable platform to such kind of business.One of the true ways to make money.

An online help and counselling has many advantages. Firstly, it saves time to reach your client physically. Secondly, there is flexibility about the schedule of your appointments. Next, some clients prefer to speak online on some sensitive issues, rather than face to face. Finally it saves other overhead charges.

But, searching for a client base definitely, becomes a tough job. Live Person, therefore comes into play here. It provides a global and ready made client database. You just need to apply to become an expert with Live Person. Upon approval, you can provide expert help on any topic or subjects based on your skills and earn substantial money working at home part-time or full time.

They offer a variety of topics from computers, programming, education, health, medicine, professional counselling, personal development, home and leisure, legal, shopping, business, financing, tutoring to religion................hmmmmmmmmmmmmpphhh! The list seems too long. One thing for sure, your skills will definitely find a place in their topics.

In general, you earn to share your knowledge with clients across the globe. You counsel them with their difficulties and make some quick cash out of it. The earning potential is also fantastic in this field. As per my estimation, one can easily make $600 per month being a live help through chat sessions. others!