Check out more Paid to Answer sites

Hey all!
If you all liked my posts on "Paid to Answer" and always expected to come across more similar sites, then thank me............he....he.......he...
B'coz this post has arrived. All paid to answer sites under one roof......

Duno - Get paid to answer questions and be involved in discussions. The better discussions you create and participate in, the more everyone on duno earns. Minimum to reach payout is $5.

Problima - You pick categories based on your expertise.You get paid a fixed fee of $1 every time a user accepts your answer.

Iwantyouranswers - Payments are made by cheque from google , you can check your balance on the google adsense web site and see how well your answers are doing.

Knowbrainers - customer payments for General Knowledge, Sports, and Pop Culture questions are between $3-$10. Pet questions $10-$25. And Human Health questions $25-$60.