Cash in on Commercial Emails


All this month, I would review the best online GPTR programs. Off late, i have discovered that there are some GPTR programs that remained online since their launch and have been known to pay their members, amongst all other ways to make money.

Hits4Pay is one of those. This program deserves a post on my blog. Since its launch, the program has grown and stayed there, unlike scam sites which offer the world of money, but quickly disappear after hoarding their members' money.

The design of the site itself speaks of its professionalism. Sign up is free and you are paid monthly. They offer a $10 bonus when a new member signs up with them, and you can earn upto 3 levels deep from your referrals. The minimum amount required to cash out is just $25. Payments are made only via Paypal.

One thing! I am not sure, whether they accept International members or not. If not, then international members....... you got to wait until they open up their doors for all of you.......or else check other sites on my blog.

Hits4pay is not the only kid on block...............Heh!