Another Paid to Answer

Hey all!

A bright new month for me and I am back with some fresh online opportunities all this month. Well, if you are a user of sites like Yahoo Answers, et al. And loved asking and replying to questions, and you also looked forward to sites like Just Answer (check out my post on Just Answer), then this post is for you. Joobit operates on a similar concept of Yahoo Answers and Just Answer. You answer questions asked by people across the world and you get paid for it.

Joobit is entirely free to use. Free to to answer. Simply register and get going with answers and money, both hand in hand. Just share your knowledge with the world and get paid for it.

Personally, I like such paid to answer sites and am always searching for similar sites online. All because, these are very easy jobs with some instant cash. Sometimes, the money earned is also big for some answers involved, like fixing some problems of electrical items, car or even solving some homework for pupils around the globe.

Joobit is in its launching phase. Get in before its too late! Leave a comment if you like this post. Let me know about similar sites, if you know any. I would love to write about them here, if they are worth enough.

Happy money-making!