A cool $50

Hi money-seekers!

Incidentally, I happen to come across this site during my weekly surfing schedule, and right at first instance it caught my attention. I was glad that I came across this site, and I feel even more glad to share such ways to make money with you all. Common Ties is an online site which works like "paid to answer" kind of thing.

They have a set of 20 questions that they ask the world. The questions are fun to answer. The questions are as weird as "What door do you wish you never opened"?, "What is the worst advice you've ever received"?, "What is the most unusual thing your boyfriend has ever done"? "What is the most bizarre thing you have seen or done"?, etc., etc.

Have you noticed, the questions are not about some rocket science. It is something that happens to all of us in our daily life. You just got to share your views and opinions. Now the coolest part of all this is, you get paid a cool $50 if your answer gets published. Trust me, your answer need not be some out-of-the-box thing. A simple yet cool enough answer could get you those $$$.

Simply select a question that you would like to answer and send them an email with your answer. The answer should be 50 words or less. If your answer is selected to be published, they will mail you a check within 30 days of the publication.

$50 for answering everyday questions is not a bad deal...........eh!

Check out Common Ties, you'll also be glad that you did!