Write $100 reviews for Linux


What do you say about a $100 article??? Very tempting.......isn't it? This is what Linux has to offer for all you money diggers online. One of the genuine ways to make money online.

They publish news, reviews, case studies, HOWTOs, feature articles, and fact-based commentary directly related to Linux, open source, or free software. They are especially interested in reviews and case studies of corporate and enterprise-level products. They pay $100 - $300 (via check, bank transfer, or PayPal) for articles. Most of the articles they publish are between 800 and 1,500 words, but they are flexible in either direction. Articles must be original and not have appeared elsewhere in English.

For reviews:

  1. They prefer to review released products; they try not to review early beta or pre-beta software, as it tends to be less feature-complete and may give readers an unfair impression. We like to run reviews that coincide with a major point release, such as 1.0 or n.0.
  2. They do not expect all reviews to be positive. They like you to call them as you see them.
  3. Don't spend the bulk of the review telling readers exactly what buttons to click on and which keystrokes to enter in order to accomplish particular tasks. Instead, focus on the important things the product can do, and say how well it does them, both as compared to how an ideal product of its type would do them, and as compared to other, similar products a reader might consider as alternatives.
How to submit:

Before you write a complete article, you should always send a query email to [email protected] first that gives us a brief (2 - 3 paragraph) idea of what you would like to write, along with a description of anything you might have written in the past and links to any recent material you've had published elsewhere. As the subject of the email, use "Article query: topic."

If they approve the article, they expect to see your finished draft within three weeks. And then you would see the money rolling in for you.

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