Win $100 to adopt a pet


We all love those cute looking pets like puppies, kittens, et al, don't we? We love to hang around them and play with them rite! Now, we have done this enough in real world or we didn't have enough money to buy that cute pet we always wished for......

This is where Adoptme comes into play. This is a site which allows us to adopt those cute and loving "virtual pets" and also pays us $80 daily to take care of your pet. Now let me make it clear that this is just virtual money and exists only for transactions on Adoptme website.

Though, this site doesn't suit the theme of my blog, yet I decided to write down something about this site as I, myself, am a pet lover. And I feel great to pamper these kind of virtual pets. And I am sure most of you out there also love pampering pets even though, if they are virtual.

The first time you adopt a pet from Adoptme, you get $100 and $150 for every additional pet thereafter. You can take them to shopping, to restaurants, sports club, disco, make them eat, drink, exercise, take them to bathroom, and don't forget to celebrate their birthday..dude!

Oh! It feels great to pamper your pets and above all you feel a lot happier when you see your pets happy and wag their tail (in case of dogs) as a sign of their happiness, each time you take care of them.

So, go and adopt a pet a now. There are a number of pets to choose from...