Virtual stock game = $$


I am sure stock market is not everyone's game. Nor, are we interested in dealing with those sudden increase and then plunging stock markets everyday. But, what I am talking about today is an online stock market game where people trade in virtual stocks but at the end of the day make REAL money. Now, doesn't that seem tempting enough.......?

Let me explain in detail. Wall Street Pros is a free virtual stock market game where you buy and sell stocks using pretend money. The player whose stocks go up the most will win a $100 cash prize in REAL money. But your age must 13+ to win that money.

No fee is required to participate. Just sign up with Wall Street Pros for an account and start trading with pretend money, i.e., fake virtual money. And then win a $100 real money with your intellect in stocks.

A good business accumen, rather business intellect can definitely make you a good amount of money here. After all buying and selling means business. So, check your business sense here and see where you stand amongst others.

Your hard $100 dollar cash would be paid to you via Paypal or any other similar kind of payment processor.

And we all know $100 is a lot for all of us. Getting $100 with no investment or expense is like heaven on Earth.......yeah!