Upto $120 per link


We have all done the hard work to popularize our websites and blogs through search engines, directories, backlinks, etc. Finally gained some traffic and dedicated readers as well. So, now is the time to monetize our traffic....right? Now is the time to get rewarded! Learn how to make money online through selling links.

What else can be sweeter than a cash reward! Yes, Cashlinkr has the answer. They connect advertisers with webmasters and bloggers. You can sell your available adspace to them and you can get paid a whopping upto $120 per link on your blog for a month.

The only thing you got to keep in mind is that your blog must have a good Google Page Rank. The better the page rank.....the better is your payout. Though, other factors like Alexa score and other parameters also matter, but not to that much extent. Their payout is done monthly via Paypal.

Additionally, they also pay you if you Sign up with their advertisers. Much like the Paid to Sign Up.

To get paid for your empty Ad space by just showing links of their advertisers is not a bad deal....eh!

Cashlinkr sure has a long way to go!