U Bet U Win

Hi all!

We all know betting is illegal........right? But, betting for good reason is legal enough. And the good reason is winning gifts or cash from this site called Life Bets. Actually, its fun too, apart from making money online.

Life Bets gives you the option to bet on certain incidents with fake money, and if you emerge winner then you earn real cash.

Life Bets is a free online game where they give you $100,000 in pretend money to bet on the outcome of current events. The player who best predicts the future will win $100 cash . The contest is open to players of all ages.

Example bets:

1. Will Hillary Clinton become President by 2008?

2. Will Britney Spears be nominated for Oscars by 2008?

Instead of win/lose type bets, they use a system like the stock market, where each bet has a share price that rises and falls each day based on how likely that event is to actually happen. So, you can make money by selling your bet even before the bet is over.

All players are automatically entered into their prediction contest. The 3 players who make the most fake money will win real cash prizes: $100 for first place, $50 for second place, $25 for third place. The current contest ends December 31st 2008. After that they will start a new round for similar cash prizes. The prediction contest is open to players all ages and countries. If you are the winner and are not a US resident, you must be able to accept payment from them by Paypal or a similar method.

Let's bet!