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Hey all!

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Bored.com has ample fun activities available on its site than can ease your nerves and relax you a bit. You'll forget your miseries and enjoy your stay over there. The list of activities that can keep you busy on this site, include, but are not limited to music, videos, games, romance, humor, fun, quizzes & trivia, t.v. movies, sports, kids section,.........ooppphhhhhhh! The list seems endless. In short, it is full of crazy stuff you'll like.

Personally I like its money making section. After all my blog, Oppsonweb is all about making money....rite? I also like its free stuff, dumb, weird and fun sections.

It has a host of other features also that would keep you busy enough.

For me Bored.com is a hangout place to have fun and also to learn new money making ideas. It is all Fun minus Work for me.

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