Get Paid to watch Videos


We all love watching online videos ........right? We all do hangout around Youtube, or other similar sites to watch those happening and eye-candid videos (! did I say eye-candid?). But we never got paid for it. Pity!

This is where Buzzshed comes into action. This revolutionary site pays its members to view its videos. You'll find videos of all genres. Watch videos Get paid. Simple!

It works in this manner:
  • Register with Buzzshed
  • Tell them about your interests & hobbies
  • Tell them about your minimum rate for watching videos
  • Receive link in your email. Click on it and watch the videos
  • Answer a simple question at the end of the video
  • You get paid
Now let me explain the points above. In my opinion, cover more interests, so that they will send you more videos. Next keep your rate low, again to get more videos. Say, if you decide to view videos @ 30 cents, then even if you get 2 videos a day, then you make somewhere around $20 a month. These are just predictions from me, actual statistics can differ.

Though, $20 is not much. But if you compare it with other sites where you won't get paid to view videos, then this is welcome money to you.

A question at the end of the video is just to ensure that you have seen the video and not merely clicked the link. The payment is made on the 1st of each month for the prior month's earnings. Paypal, as usual, is their preferred payment mode.

Don't wait. Buzzshed your life with a few dollars.