$$ with Social Spark

Hi everybody!

I am back again with another Paid to review site. If you really liked my Paid blogging post, then you must have been looking forward to this post and much more relevant posts. So, blogging has ignited sparks in you rite......?? Here's another way to make money online.

Fine! let me show you one more money-making site that would offer great money, again for writing posts on your own blog. Social Spark is the name. Backed by the same trusted name IZEA, which supports Payperpost and many other legitimate online opportunities.

Social Spark performs in the same way as Payperpost and many other paid blogging sites. To me, its a sister site of Payperpost. But, with immense earning potential. Firstly, because of the reason that it is recently launched in April'08, so bloggers can easily get in and register. The opportunities in their marketplace is huge because of the less number of bloggers at this time...............they need time to become famous remember, and then the number of opportunities could cease because more bloggers mean tough fight..........rite?

Payout is as usual luring enough to write posts on their topic. Paypal is their preferred payout partner. But, I am still to find out when do they make a payment. Is it weekly or monthly! Anyways, if anyone does get to know, then leave a comment. Thanx in advance.

Basically, your blog must:

* Be at least 90 days old, with at least 20 pre-existing posts written in the last 90 days.

* Contain content that is original to you and the blog.

* Be a blog, meaning no message boards, websites, IM, emails or other similar services.

* Be in English or Spanish.

* Not be a blog kept primarily for making money.