$$$ with Blogsvertise


Here's one more paid to review site from my stable..........ha......ha.....ha...

Blogsvertise is also very popular in the paid to review sites industry. I would say, its not the big bull, rather it's somewhere in the top 5. A great alternative to make money online.

As usual, you need to submit your blog for their editorial team for approval. Once approved, you can take up assignments to write your honest reviews about their advertiser's products/services and post it to your blog. You also need to link to their advertiser 3 times in your post.

Their payout rate is also very lucrative. They pay you somewhere between $4 to $25. At least, I have no complaints about their payout rate. Imagine writing 10 posts at an average of $15 can easily fetch you $150. No dats not bad......eh! Perhaps, if you stick to them for a couple of months, then they have an option to increase your individual payout rate.

Payments are made after 30 days of approved assignments. Now this wait period really sucks, in my opinion. We all want instant payments, at least weekly right? That is why I am not a big fan of Blogsvertise. I would prefer other Paid to review sites that would pay me weekly. Wana know those sites that pay weekly? Then checkout my earlier posts with label - Paid Blogging.

Payments are only made via Paypal. No option for checks being mailed or any other form of payment.

If you are a new blogger and your blog is relatively new, then also you can sign up with them, and they might keep you on Probation status. During probation, however, you'll receive a low payout rate of $2 for your posts. Thereafter, indeed you'll get confirmed and start earning the big bucks.